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How To Manage The Summer's Humidity

As the season progress, it is getting hotter and more humid.

This usually means for our natural hair that we can expect frizzy, poofy, and sometimes failed hairstyles. We've experienced deciding on a textured style such as a twist or braid out and by the end of the day, there is no curl pattern insight. It is a bummer so in this blog we're sharing 3 products you need to manage the summer's humidity. Out of the 3 products, none of them is a gel.


Why Gels May Not Work In The Summer's Humidity:

If you read the label of your gels, the first ingredient is most likely water.

While water is a great hydrator for our hair to keep it curly/coily/kinky, it's a no-go for summer. There are water molecules in the environment due to the heat which is trying to get into our hair strands. With the use of humectants, it naturally does. So if our hair already has hydration, and we're applied more hydration, our hair strands will swell. Therefore, causing our hair to become weighed down, poofy, and just not looking cute.



Here are 3 Products You Need To Manage The Summer's Humidity:

1. Use Butters Or Creams to Lock in Hydration:

The first ingredient in our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter is not water. So you've cleared the first hurdle of managing the summer's humidity. It contains only 5 ingredients which are: Shea Butter, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut oil, vitamin E, Parfum. All of which work together to be the "C" in the LOC method. It will coat the hair strands to seal in all the nutrients applied by the Liquid and Oil so that it stays there for a very long time.



Or, you can use our Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Curling Cream. Yes, the first ingredient is water however it's rich in other ingredients that are humidity friendly. The next ingredients are shea butter and BTMS 225. Both of which help to thicken the cream so it's easy to apply to the hair strands. As well, they are conditioning agents which aid in sealing in the moisture previously added.


2. Use Mousses Or Curling Creams to Style


Use our Tailored Beauty Flexible Curl Potion Mousse. This is a fan favorite as it provides the hold needed to withstand the heat without your curls feeling bog down. Similar to our curling cream, the first ingredient is water. However, it includes ingredients products that will give your curls the "hold" you needed to withstand the heat. These ingredients are Decyl Glucoside (*Derived from Coconut), Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate (*Derived from Coconut), and VP/VA Copolymer. Although they are all chemicals names, they allow the product to give you the crisp, frizz-free, and hold you are looking for this summer. 




3. Use Mists as a MIDWEEK Refresher

If your curls/coils/kinks need a refresher during the week, the Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist is a perfect match. Our mist should not be used on wash day as the L in the LOC method. It should only be used as the L in LOC method when you want to refresh your curls. The key ingredients which are water and glycerin work well together for the humidity. After a couple of fo days of rocking your hairstyle, your hair will lose "hydration". So spritzing it with the mist mid-week helps to rehydrate your curls. As well, glycerin is a natural humectant that will remove moisture molecules from the environment and place it into the hair. So you're able to combat the humidity because your hair is absorbing the water molecules in the environment. 


You can pick up our Tailored Beauty Moisutruizng Mist at your local Walmart stores.


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