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How To Make Wash Days Easier With Your Child [Plus Kids Wash Day Routine Regimen]


We all know that wash days with your child can be an overwhelming and time consuming process. Some days you rather avoid it all together, we can all related. However, some days you just have to get to it.

It may not be such a bad of day if you incorporate the steps below:

1. Allow Them To Assist on Wash Days -
Have them participate in the process of washing their hair.
You can teach them how to shampoo by massaging the scalp with the Shampoo or Shampoo Bar. Or, you can let them apply the condition to their hair or attempt to finger detangle their hair. This may be messy so ensure to give them a little bit to work with. his may involve pumping out the shampoo or conditioner. Or, scooping out the deep conditioner with a spoon. They may find it to be an intriguing and are willing to help on every wash day.

2. Informing Them The Importance Of Their Hair - Mamas! Let the affirmations begin form a young and tender age. Let them know the importance of their hair. Teach them that their hair is beautiful, the curl pattern is unique, their hair's versatility is unmatched, their hair can grow tot he floor just like Rapunzel, curls are the bestest and so much more. By saying these affirmations ever wash day or even when you're styling Their hair, you're letting them know how beautiful they are. You're encouraging them to love their hair regardless of what the outer world says. And you're encouraging them to embrace and be themselves. Curls, coils, kinks and ALL. 

3. Allow Them To Choose Their Hairstyle and Accessories - After washing their hair, let them decide what protective style to choose for the upcoming week(s) ahead. This reduces your time of thinking what new style to do as well. Also, let them decide what accessories they want to add whether it's a headband, bow, or clips. This will make them even more excited to see the finished product.

4. Distract Them When Necessary - Depending on the timeline that you're working with, you may need to distract your kid. Do not feel bad for doing what you have to do as a mother to make your life just a little bit easier. So get their favorite toy to play with. Or, turn on that tablet so they can play their favorite game or wash their favorite tv show. Or, just tell them a story. This will draw their attention away from you washing and combing their hair to something else so that they don't get flustered.


Kids Wash Day Routine Regimen:
1. Shampoo with Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Coconut Creme Shampoo
2. Condition with Tailored Beauty Coconut Creme Conditioner with Mango Butter (and detangle)
3. Deep Condition with Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner
4. Hydrate with the Tailored Beauty Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner Treatment
5. Massage Scalp and Seal in Leave In Conditioner with Tailored Beauty Growth Thick Oil
6. Seal the hydration in with the Tailored Beauty Everything Butter
7. Style into a protective style using the Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Curling Cream

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