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For some of us, twist outs are not our strongest style.

Not only can it be time-consuming to do, but the results are never “defined”.

To get the defined results that you wish, it’s all in the technique.

If your technique is poor or lacking so will your twist out be.

 Here are 5 techniques to add to your regimen to get a defined twist out:



  1. Clarify the Hair – After weeks or months of continuously styling using various products, our strands can become overburdened. We are using multiple products that are filled with chemicals that are preventing our hair from being efficiently hydrated as they leave a "film" on the strands. The film needs to be removed so that your hair can breathe to give you the best twist out ever. 

    You can use a clarifying agent such as shampoo, clarifier or even using clays. Either will remove the film form these products, as well as dirt, debri, and product build-up that is preventing your twist-outs from flourishing.


Recommended Product: Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Shampoo



  1. Use A Defined Organic Styling Agent – Some of the popular stylers that are being used are filled with chemicals. The chemicals will give you the definition and shine that you’re looking for a couple of days. Then, on day 4 your curls start frizzing, dry, lusterless, and so much more. If you can relate, then you’re using the wrong styler.

Your styler should contain organic ingredients. They can penetrate the hair strand to provide it with the hydration, and definition. Thus, giving your twists the hold, it needs to last 7 days or more. 

 Recommend Styler: Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly or

Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Curling Cream



  1. Raking the Product Through – After choosing the best styler, you should rake it through the hair. Raking ensures that each curl is evenly coated with the styler. So that it is nourished and easier to manipulate for styling. If not, then parts of your twist out will come out hydrated and defined and other dehydrated and frizzy.


 You can make it through using your wide tooth comb, Denman brush or even the praying hand's method.  



  1. Choose the Best Twisting Technique – Depending on the results that you like to see, you can do the rope or cornrow twists.


ROPE – For the rope technique, your hair would be section into small section. For each mini section, you would wrap one half of the twist around the other half in a roping motion. The rope would give you extremely defined individual twist outs.


CORNROW - On the other hand, for the cornrow technique instead of splitting the hair into mini sections, you would twist the entire section. The twist would start from the top of the section and as you twist you would grab the hair form the remainder of the section. Hence, you are cornrow “twisting” on your scalp. 



  1. Add Perm Rods to the End - You can add perm rods to the end to maintain the curl pattern of each twist out. The ends are the oldest part of our hair strand and are usually limp. Wrapping the ends around the perm road will keep your twist out looking defined from root to tip. Ensure to add extra gel to keep the curls.



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