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Detangling can be a hassle by itself, however, doing your little’s one will be more work. Some children don’t like their hair being combed at all and others we have to distract with their favorite toy, iPad or even the tv! Also, it may be even more work because you are not using the correct products and tools to make detangling easier. Tailored Beauty will not only aid in detangling but it will nourish their tresses to bring it to an optimal healthy condition.


So which tailored products should I use?

Glad you were wondering so let’s break it down: 


Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner:

The deep conditioner treatment will aid to soften your little one’s hair and nourish their scalp, strands and especially their ends. The key ingredients are fenugreek powder and bhringraj oil. These are key ayurvedic herbs that are known to encourage hair growth, restore damaged hair and aids in length retention. You would apply a small amount to their hair and work it in. You can detangle with the deep conditioner in which will soften and reduce the tangles/knots in their hair. Then, place a steam or heat cap on them for 5 minutes (or until they get antsy). Then, rinse.


Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioning Treatment:

After rinsing your child’s hair, you need to add moisture into their strands to nourish it as well as aid in detangling. You would apply a dime size of the treatment to each section of their hair and work it in using the praying hands' method. Next, finger detangle each section to make sure that there are no knots or tangles prior to styling. The treatment’s key ingredients are fenugreek and gotu kola which are native herbs that help to nourish your scalp. In addition, it adds shine, strength and allows you to retain moisture.



Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist:

Moisture is key when caring for their hair. It reduces tangles and is needed for long term hair growth. This can be used as the liquid in the LOC/LCO/LOCO method since the first ingredient is water. Water is being infused into your hair strands which is the best moisturiser. In addition, it contains jojoba oil which is the only oil which properties are similar to that of the sebum produced by our scalp. Lastly, glycerin is a natural humectant which takes moisture from the environment. Lastly, it can be a refresher during the week when their hair needs a boost.


Tailored Beauty Baby Hair Wash Cap:

This tool is a lifesaver because it takes the fuss out of washing your little’s one hair. You would place the cap over the hair so that when you are rinsing or applying the product, the water or product doesn’t get into their eyes. It is a barrier between their face and the products. Lastly, it comes in two colors pink for girls and blue for boys.



These products and tool will save you lots of time and extensive energy in washing your child’s hair while nourishing your daughter’s/son’s hair to an optimally healthy condition.


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