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How to create a natural hair care budget in 2023

Creating a budget for your natural hair can help you to manage overspending on products you do not need. We have all gone to the store and taken up products that we didn't plan to. Also, by trying other brands that don't provide our hair with the maximum benefit.

Here are some tips to help you create a natural hair budget:

Assess your current hair care expenses:
The first step in creating a budget is to get a clear picture of your current hair care expenses. This includes the cost of your hair products, hair tools, salon visits, and any other expenses related to your hair care routine. Make a list of all your expenses, including the cost and frequency of each item, to get an idea of where your money is going. You'll be able to see how many times you purchase deep conditioners even though you already have 3 stacked up that you are not using.

Identify areas where you can cut costs:
Once you have a clear picture of your current hair care expenses, you can identify areas where you can cut costs. For example, you may be able to save money by purchasing your favorite products while they are on sale. Also, you don't need to purchase an additional deep conditioner if you have 3 at home that you have not even opened. .

Buy products on sale:
Purchase natural hair products on while they are on sale or in a bundle. At Tailored beauty throughout the year, we have different sales such as spring, summer, flash sales, black friday and so much more. So you're able to stock up on our product throughout the year without breaking the bank. In addition, we sell natural hair kits at an affordable rates. These kits are packaged with specific products from our Golden Herbal Collection and/or Ultimate Collection lines to achieve hair goals such as moisture, strength, growth and even styling.
**Also, you can purchase our products at your local Walmart store.


Set a monthly hair care budget:
After identifying areas where you can cut costs, set a monthly hair care budget that is realistic and achievable. This should take into account your current income and expenses. As well as the hair goals that you have set for yourself earlier in the year. Remember that it is important to have some flexibility in your budget, as unexpected expenses may arise. You may need to run to Walmart to purchase a moisturizer for yourself or your child as your last bottle just finished.

Stick with the brands you already know:
We all love to try a new product. However sometimes the products do absolutely nothing for our hair. If you already have your holy grail products for each step of your natural hair routine, stick with them. As well as, stick with the brands (especially Tailored Beauty) that you know nourish the health of your form the inside out. 

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