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How To Combat Dry Hair

 Dry hair is common to many natural hair ladies within the natural hair community. Our hair is lacking moisture due to many reasons such as poor technique, inconsistent hair regimen, and most importantly poor product choice. All of these are contributing the moisture not being properly sealed into our hair shaft. As well as, moisture leaving as soon as we “moisturized” it. Once our hair is dry it becomes more susceptible to breaking, single strand knots, and split ends.



DEEP CONDITIONING: You should be deep conditioning your hair with the heat every week. Deep conditioners are made with key ingredients that can replenish your hair strands. And, you should be deep conditioning with indirect heat from your steam cap, deep conditioning cap or even plastic bag. The heat will lift the hair cuticles and allow the minerals from the deep conditioner to seep into the hair strands to provide it with the hydration that it needs. Deep conditioning regularly will transform the health of your hair strands to combat dryness. We recommend the Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner. They are made with a blend of ayurvedic ingredient that will keep your curls hydrated to combat dryness, breakage, lacklustre style and so much.


DOING THE LOC METHOD: You could be experiencing dryness because you are not moisturising your hair properly. The LOC method is a moisturization technique using three products: Liquid, Oil and Cream. The products are applied in the order of the acronym whether you do the LOC or LCO. This method works because we have been missing the key step whenever we were moisturising our hair, which is to seal in. In this method, the oil and/or cream acts as the sealant so it preserves the moisture that we added from the liquid (water) or leave-in conditioner. Moisture will stay in for a long time to keep the curls hydrated. We recommend Using these products. from our Golden Herbal Collection- 

Liquid- Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner Treatment

Oil- Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum

Cream - Curl Antidote Curling Cream


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