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How To Choose Natural Products:


Natural products are best for the health of our natural hair.
The ingredients that make up the product are great because they able to restore, repair and rejuvenate our hair strands. As well as, they are giving the hair long term benefits as to increase the longevity of each and every hair strand.

With so many products being produced today, it's hard to know what is best for your hair. At Tailored Beauty, we created the top 4 tips when choosing natural products.


Read the ingredients label on each one of your products. Your products should have water as the first ingredient. As well as, if it has a scientific name it usually is translated tot he "regular" name in bracket. You should be aware that if the ingredients name cannot be pronounced by you or it has too many letters for you to count - let it go. These products are not good for the health of your hair because you don't even know what it means. At Tailored Beauty, we are very transparent about the ingredients that are used in the creation of our product. We use Gotu Kola Extract in our Tailored Beauty Leave In Conditioner, Bhrigraj in our Deep Conditioner and Fenugreek in our Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner. Our aim is to use as much natural ingredients as possible to benefit the health of your hair. 

Is the brand built on serving it's customer's needs? Or do you know nothing about the brand? You have to choose products that are designed for your best interest. If you understand why the brand was created or the need that it serves, you will be able to relate more. Tailored Beauty started with Keya documenting making her own Tailored Beauty Everything Butter whipped shea butter to use on her hair and body. After multiple attempts she found the perfect mixture that she could use for a life time. She started creating her own products to use on her and her daughters hair. Then, the birth of Tailored Beauty began in 2015v and she has added a multitude of natural products to the line. s

Research about the products and ingredients that work well with your hair type, porosity and needs. You don't necessarily have to spend the entire day on google researching which ingredients are best for type 4c hair. You can also watch type 4c hair influencers on youtube and Instagram to see what they are doing. At Tailored Beauty we have Hair Ambassadors with various hair types, porosity and length, They all will show how they incorporate the Tailored Beauty products within their hair regimen. You'll see them using various products such as the Tailored Beauty Flexible Curl Potion Mousse to create textured styles or the Tailored Beauty Perfect Curls Coiling Jelly for their wash and go.

Look at what the regular people are saying online. These would include the natural hair influences on youtube/social media. Also, the individuals in the various Natural Hair Facebook group raving about their favorite product. As well as, the ordinary every day person who reviews the product after purchasing it online. On the tailored beauty website, you can see all the customers who have reviewed our product. They will let you know the bad, good and where we can improve as a manufacture.

At the end of the day the only way to reach your natural hair goals is by using the "Right" products. The products that you use on a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis will affect the health of your hair.

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