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Let’s just say that none of us expected our 2020 year to go like this. With all the plans and goals that we had set out for our natural hair at the start of 2020 – COVID-19 surely affected. Or so we think? Even though we’re all quarantining at home, we can still find a way to care for our natural hair. Whether during this period we’re working from home, taking care of our kids, working on a few passion projects, or still going out to work – there is still away.


 Here are 4 ways to care for your natural hair during COVID-19:


 1] Keep It Moisturized: First up, is to keep it moisturized. During this period, we will become pre-occupied with caring or kids, our significant others, working from home, and stressing about the future of lives. Don’t become too overwhelmed, that you forget to moisturize your hair. Remember, naturally curly hair is typical without moisture as the sebum is not able to travel to the end of the hair shaft. And as such we do it ourselves using the LOC/LCO method. You can use our Tailored Beauty LOC Package, you’re able to moisturize and seal using Liquid, Oil and Cream in the order you prefer.


 2] Keep It in Protective Styles

 As we work from home as a new norm with our kid(s) and/or significant other, we may not have much time to style our hair frequently. Also, if our work is deemed essential – we may be working some longer hours than we’re used to. Hence, we recommend keeping it in a protective style. A couple of protective styles that you can do are mini braids, mini twists, buns or even cornrows. These styles require little to no maintenance of our hair.  Thus, keeping your hair long and strong as we go through this period.  You can use our Tailored Beauty Styling Kit to maintain the hold and moisture levels of your hair while it is being protected.


 3] Reduce Wash Days

We’re a stickler for washing your hair every 7 days due to product and oil build-up. However, with the uncertainty of the economic world right now, you would want to keep costs low. Stretching your wash days to 14 days or longer will allow you to achieve just that. As well as, stocking up on your essential Tailored Beauty products, specifically our package kit. You’ll be getting more products for less money that will be able to last you a long time. We’re going to be in the house most of the time under a bonnet which will significantly reduce the maintenance your hair will need.



4] Stay Stress-Free:  And finally, stay stress-free. We know this is difficult to do as there is no cure for the virus. However, we must remain positive throughout this period. Drink some wine, stay inside, work on a passion project or deep condition and meditate. Whatever it is you do, remember to keep yourself safe, safe from spreading or catching the virus. Stay hydrated, eat healthily and keep exercising.

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