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How To Get A Frizz Free Twist Out This Summer

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The summer's heat and humidity are here for all of summer 2021.
This doesn’t mean that you have to have suffer wearing frizzy hairstyles.
With our Tailored Beauty Product Line, you can have a frizz-free twist out this summer.

Here’s how to:

During the summertime deep conditioning, your hair is a must. Your hair is being exposed to sun, sand, sea, and salt so it’s going to need a treatment every week. Our Tailored Beauty Moisture penetrating Deep Conditioner is your best pick.

It contains key ayurvedic ingredients that will keep your curls hydrated and nourished during the summertime. In addition, it allows your curls to be hydrated, strengthened, and protected to withstand the summer’s temperature. Remember to comb through your curls to ensure that the product is evenly spread from root to tip. Then, let it sit for 15 minutes and rinse your hair to feel hydrated and soft curls.


With the humidity and humectants in the air, you need as much moisture as you can get. Once your hair loses moisture then it will become frizzy, poofy dry, and sometimes knotted. To keep your curls hydrated you should use our Tailored Beauty Leave-In conditioner Treatment.

Our leave-in conditioner is water-based which is the key ingredient in any “moisturizing” product. The h20 ingredient is mixed with glycerin which is a natural humectant. Humectants are ingredients that take moisture from the environment and put them into the hair shaft. So your hair will have a consistent supply of moisture needed to keep your hair hydrated. And more importantly, it contains Gotu Kola Extract and neem Oil. This oil blend can restore moisture needed to keep your curls awakened throughout the life of the style.

Next is the main star of the show which is your styler. Your styler should have key ingredients needed to reduce flyaway and frizz to give your curls the sleek look. From the Tailored Beauty Collection, we recommend our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter. During the summer you want to avoid stylers made with water and glycerin. Both bring moisture into the hair causing the strands to swell to eventually disturb the results which are trying to create. Therefore, causing our curls to become frizzy which is what we don’t want.

Our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter is the perfect staple to create a frizz-free style. It is made with shea butter which is a great sealant to keep the moisture in. As well as prevent the escape of moisture which usually causes frizzy hairstyles. In addition, due to the texture it able to coat the hair strand to keep your flyaway and frizz at bay. Once each strand in the section is coated, then you would twist the hair in the rope technique towards the end. The rope technique ensures that all of your strands are intertwined into the twist. And makes each section pliable so that you can twist your hair in the roping technique.

Note: For a midweek refresher you can use Tailored beauty Mist which you can pick up @ Walmart.

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