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How To Grow Your Hair Strand

If you look at the anatomy and physiology of your hair strand, you would see that what all of the "natural" hair experts are telling you are true. The tips and techniques that they give you in caring for your natural hair makes complete sense. In this blog post, we'll be divulging into the various parts of your hair strand. As well as, how you can make your hair grow faster.


Capillary - The capillary is also known as the blood vessels.
The blood carriers vital nutrients form the foods that we consume daily to the various areas of the body. The last place to get these well needed nutrients is our skin, nails and hair. Once the nutrients are provided though the capillaries they are then transported into the hair shaft. So if we aren't consuming the right about of protein, carbs, fats, fruits, veggies and water - our hair will not get all the nutrients it needs to grow the hair.

Hair Bulb - The next area is the hair bulb.
The hair bulb is basically the roots of each strand. The minerals are then fed to the roots of each strand along the scalp. Your roots is where your new growth emerges. When combing your hair you may see hairs on the bathroom counter with balls at the end of it, that my friend is the "bulb". Science shows that the hair grows an average 1/2 inch a month. So naturally your hair is always growing. And it grows even faster if you are eating correctly as previously mentioned. As well as, if you are providing it with key essential and growth oils that can encourage hair growth. The minerals form the oils will seep into the scalp and provide the bulb and sebaceous gland (point #3) with what it needs to push out new growth as well as nourish it.

Hair Follicle - Then, we have the hair follicle.
The hair follicle stores the "hair/hair shaft". If you pull your hair strand it will feel as if its pulling from a tight hole.  Or, if you look at the hair's on the scalp, it looks as if it's stuck in a hole. The "hole" is what we called the hair follicle. It's the storage area that allows the hair strand to receive consistent nutrients from the sebaceous gland (next part) or the capillaries (first point). As well as, it keeps the new growth that hasn't "matured" enough to be pushed out through the skin protected. No harm or ill will can come to it until it is ready to become "Dead" hairs.

Sebaceous Gland - Next is the sebaceous gland which makes the sebum.
The sebum is the liquid produced by our scalp  that nourishes the growth and the old growth. Sebum is produced from the minerals from the foods we eat. As well as, the products (including oils) that we use on our scalp. However, due to the curly nature of the strand the sebum is not able to reach the ends of the hair. So it will nourish the "new" growth since it mainly has access to it. 

Hair Shaft - And finally is the hair shaft or you can call it the hair strand.
The hair strand is what you manipulate to achieve your favorite hairstyles using your favorite products. The hair shaft continues to emerge form the follicles because it is designed to grow. And, it will grow faster if you are eating correctly, using growth oils and much more. The only time the hair shaft will not grow is when you have alopecia, psoriasis and other scalp issues. (We'll discuss in a future blog post).

Naturally your hair will grow faster if the scalp and body is being fed what it needs on a consistent basis. Not only does this include eating right, but using the correct products. One of the product that can be used is the Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil. 

The Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil contains a variety of oils whose properties are similar to that of sebum, promotes hair growth, restores the hair's natural PH, treats scalp issues, strengthens the cuticles and much more. The oils include: Castor, Sesame, Avocado, Apricot, Jojoba, Vitamin E, rosemary Oil and much more.

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