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How Plant-Based Products Can Change Your Hair’s Health

How Plant-Based Products Can Change Your Hair’s Health


The health of your hair is very important for you to achieve your hair goals this year. The best way to get there is by using products that are specifically manufactured with plant-based ingredients. Once you start eating your protein, vegetables, fruits and even drinking water consistently throughout the day, the health of your body will transform. This is because the body needs these foods to effectively function. And as such, if we consistently use plant-based products within our hair regimen, the health of our hair will transform.


Here are 7 Plant-Based Ingredients To Change The Health Of Your Hair:


Horsetail Extract // Horsetail Extract contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antimicrobial properties that are needed for our scalp. These properties reduce the inflammation of the scalp that is causing serious scalp issues such as psoriasis, dandruff, and so much more. Horsetail Extract is infused in our daily hair vitamins.


Aloe Vera // Aloe Vera is one of the best plant-based ingredients for our hair. It contains “proteolytic” enzymes that repair the health of our scalp. Once our scalp is healthy, then it will provide the hair with moisture, strengthen, and so much more.

Aloe Vera is infused in a herbal blend in our Flexible Curl Potion Mousse. If you want shiny and beautiful curls that are lightweight, then this product is definitely for you.


Hemp Oil // Hemp Oil is derived from a famous plant called “marijuana”. Hemp Oil is rich in antioxidants and omega fatty acids, specifically 3 and 6. Once both of these properties are combined they will aid in increasing the hair’s elasticity, moisture and strengthen our hair strands. Thus, bringing our hair to an optimally healthy condition.

Our Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum is infused with this amazing oil that will nourish your hair strands and scalp.


Gotu Kola Extract // A native herb of Africa and Asia has very rich medicinal properties for our hair. Once your scalp receives the nourishment it will reduce or prevent hair loss, enhances your natural shine and so much more.

The extract is infused in the Curl Antidote Curling Cream. It will provide the nourishment needed for your scalp and hair strands while providing you with beautifully textured hairstyles.


Fenugreek Powder // Fenugreek falls within the top powders in ayurvedic hair care which is native to the Mediterranean. The natural potency of this herb imparts shine, strength and moisture into our hair strands and scalp.

The powder is infused within our Leave-In Conditioner Treatment to awaken the life of your curls throughout the life of your hairstyle. It will provide what your hair needs to support healthy strands.





Bhringaraj Oil // Another Ayurvedic herb is deemed as the “king of herbs”. Why? Well, it promotes hair growth, thickens our hair to promote volume and strength.

This herb is infused within our deep conditioner treatment which is perfect. The Oil will penetrate the hair shaft while you are deep conditioning (approx. for 15 minutes) with the nutrients – antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, that it needs.

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