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How Clay Improves Scalp Health

Bentonite Clay has a variety of benefits that are key to having healthy hair.
One of them, is maintaining the health and well being of your scalp.

Your scalp is the powerhouse of your hair.
If something is wrong with your scalp, it will affect your hair's property on all levels, not only for growth. So you have to ensure that the scalp is A-OK.

Bentonite clay is rich in properties that are key for scalp health which are:
1. Anti-Microbial
2. Antiseptic
3. Anti-Bacterial
4. Anti-Inflammatory

These all prevent the growth of microorganisms that can breed, live, hide and grow within the hairs along the scalp. Examples of these are bacteria, microbiomes, fungi, and so much more. If these organisms were to roam free along our scalp they are the cause of major scalp issues such as:

1. Dandruff
2. Psoriasis
3. Itchy scalp
4. Flaky Scalp

The Bentonite Clay are rich in minerals that are able to deeply penetrate the scalp. It will correct the damage that has been done to the scalp. As well as, prevent any future damage that is harming your scalp. The bentonite clay is able to remove layers of product build up on the scalp that has been built up on the scalp. The products may have caused different organisms to form that are causing the various scalp issues mentioned.

Also, the bentonite clay is negatively charged while most of our hair products are positively charged. And as such, it can remove all of the product remnants that it comes into contact with that cannot be removed by our regular shampoo.

When using the Tailored Beauty Bentonite Clay Soap it will clarify the scalp and hair. Ensure to massage he soap in using the pads of your fingers or even a scalp massaging brush to get into the deepest layers of the scalp. 

Your scalp is where the health of your hair starts.

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