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Do These OG Natural Hair Techniques Still Work ?

Natural hair has been a popular topic from a very long time.
During those times, we had natural hair techniques that we would religiously stick to. Why? Because they worked. In addition, there might have been peer pressure form the natural hair community via youtube and blogs. Regardless, these techniques were religiously apart of our routine And, if anyone knew wanted to come into this community, we let them know of them do.

Do you still do these OG natural hair technique?
Do you think these OG natural hair techniques work?
Do you even remember any of these OG natural hair techniques?

Let's see:

Firstly, is the inversion method.
The inversion method is a hair growth technique where we would invert our hair to masage our scalp for 1 minute. The blood flow rushes tot he scalp to provide it with more nutrients that it can absorb from the oil. We wull do this for 5 out of  days of the week. Then, your hair should grow approximately an inch or more after that week. However, you shouldn't been doing this method for all the weeks in the month as it can be dangerous to your health.

Do you think it still works? Some have seen success with the technique so we cannot discredit or discount the value that it added to others natural hair routine. It has been proven time and time again that massaging your scalp wil promote more hair growth especially with he use of a hair oil. SO is it the oil or the inversion?


Next, is the greenhouse method which aids in moisture retention. This method involves placing a steam cap on your hair after you deep condition and/or moisturize your hair.  The steam cap aids in keeping the moisture in the hair as steam creates under the cap which opens the cuticle layer on the hair shaft. Therefore, more moisture can be absorbed into our hair shaft to make our strands well.

Do you think it still works? It works as your hair is able to absorb as much of the moisture as it needs. In addition, we had trouble absorbing and retaining as much moisture so this technique helped. Some of us still have trouble with it today so you can employ this technique as well.

The LOC Method is a moisturization technique where you use Liquid, Oil and Butter to hydrated and seal in the moisture in your hair. The products are applied in the order of the method chosen whether it is LOC or LCO. We all remember the LOC method so much that we still use it to this day.

Do you think it still works? It does however you have to change up how you do it currently. You can no longer apply a lot of products to your hair which will cause it to be weighed down. Then, you blame the technique for not working when it may have been your product application process. At Tailored Beauty we have the LOC kit which has the products, tips and technique needed to achieve the LOC method for your hair type.




Placing your hair in a pineapple at nights would aid in preserving your wash and gos. We would always place on our hair on top of our hair and secure with a satin scrunchie and/or scarf. Depending on our hair type, some were successful and some that were not.

Do you think it still works? it works for some however there are other ways we have employed to this day to preserve our hairstyles. Some of use the banded method which preserves the curls and stretches the hairstyle. And for others they don't need a specific technique as they prefer to fluff and go in the mornings.

What OG Natural Hair Technique do you still use?

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