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Caring for Kids’ Natural Hair

For so many of us, our natural hair journey began well into adulthood. Perhaps we grew up having our hair relaxed or pressed, or wore braids to make hair care a little easier. When we finally felt ready to transition, we may have let the last of our relaxers grow out gradually or gone all the way with the big chop. For those of us who came of age before our beautiful, natural curls were considered acceptable in the workplace or even in school, making the leap to natural hair marked a liberating moment.

As the tides have changed, we now have tons of options for hair care and styles that encourage us to embrace our natural hair and wear it with pride. No matter the curl pattern, texture, or length, we’re rockin’ our twist outs, Bantu knots, frohawks, and locs like never before. And kids are getting in on it, too, with more and more parents foregoing chemical straightening products and teaching their young ones how to care for their natural hair from an early age.

Just like adults, children’s natural hair needs all the TLC it can get, and establishing good hair care habits at a younger age may help bypass some of the challenges we face as we get older. Since children’s skin may be more sensitive than adult skin, it’s important to select shampoos and conditioners that get the job done but are gentle on the scalp and hair. Tailored Beauty’s Golden Herbal Collection is perfect for caring for kids’ hair. The Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment, which features fenugreek powder and Bhringaraj oil, is excellent for painless, tear-free detangling. Follow it up with Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner to seal in moisture and tangle-free, and Curl Antidote Curling Cream for beautifully defined curls and coils.

Caring for a toddler’s hair? Then you’ll definitely want to add our Baby Hair Wash Cap to your arsenal. Since little ones can be extra active come bathtime, washing their hair can be a bit more challenging. All it takes is one wrong move and bam! Soap in the eyes, and a very unhappy child. Our wash cap creates a barrier to keep water and soap from getting in their eyes, so they can continue to enjoy splash time while you wash and condition their hair.

When you’re ready to protect and style, look no further than the Tailored Beauty LOC Package and Styling Kit. The LOC Package is your one-stop shop for locking in moisture without weighing the hair down, and features Moisturizing Mist, Glow Thick Oil, and Everything Butter--everything you need for your liquid, oil, cream regimen. Use the Curling Jelly and Edge Control in the styling kit for curl definition and to gently keep edges smooth for that perfect ponytail.

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