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Benefits Of Using Serums In Your Child's Natural Hair Regimen


Serums are a great additions to your little one's natural hair regimen.
Our Tailored Beauty Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum as the name suggests will improve the health of your curls so it can be long, shiny, and healthy. Our serum is made with two key ayurvedic ingredients:- hempseed and neem oil. Both oils work together to provide your hair with exactly what it needs for your hair.

Here are 3 benefits of using serums in your child's natural hair routine:



1] Retains Moisture

Keeping our curls moisturized is a very important step on this natural hair journey.

Our Tailored Beauty Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum's key ingredients are 'oils'.  Oil and water do not mix as the oil will sit on top of the 'water molecules'. For our hair the oil works in a similar manner as it prevents the 'moisture from escaping. This is why after moisturizing your child's hair you should follow up with a 'sealant'.

Our Tailored Beauty Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum is the perfect sealant. It is light weight oil mixture that will retain the moisture. Also, it will not weigh down their hair which makes it 'oily' and harder to style. It allows their hair to be moisturized for longer while they play at school, nursery, or even in their hair.

2] Increases Hair Elasticity

If you stretch your hair to see your length or when styling, as soon as you release the hair it shrinks' to the original position. How fast does it do that? Or does it do it at all? Elasticity is how quickly your hair returns to it's naturally coils, kinky and curly state. 

Our Tailored Beauty Lustrous Hair Remedy Serum contains other oils such as sunflower and hibiscus oil. All of the oils work together to hold the moisture into our hair strands. Once our hair is properly moisturized, the hair's elasticity is maintained. The retention aids in keeping the curls healthy so you're able to style, maintain and take care of it easily.

3] Strengthens The Hair Shaft

Finally, the serum strengthens the hair shaft. The oils contain amino acids and keratin that are able to absorbed into the hair shaft to be repaired. Once it is, then the life of your hair strands will be extend. Your ends are the oldest part of your hair so you want to retain as much as possible. In addition, the oil will act as protective barrier to prevent damage or harm from coming to your hair.



Our Hair Serum can be applied:

1] On wet hair- Apply a small amount to each section and work through hair from root to tip.
2] On dry Hair. Apply a small amount as a final step for extra moisture and shine.
3] For protective styles- Add a small amount to fingertips before unraveling hair.

Whichever style you choose, add a few drops of the serum to their hair.
After consistent use, you will see a difference in the health of their kinks/coils/curls.

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