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Benefits of Bhringaraj Oil

Known as the “King of Herbs,” the Bhringaraj plant grows throughout India, Brazil, Thailand, and China. Some studies suggest that, when taken orally, Bhringaraj can help lower blood pressure and manage diabetes. However, its most common use is as a topical treatment applied to the skin and scalp, and it is usually blended with other oils such as coconut oil or sesame oil.

Bhringaraj oil stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, which promotes hair growth and thickens and strengthens hair. It’s also helpful in treating dandruff, and acts as a sort of anti-aging agent by slowing down greying. In addition to its wondrous effects on hair, Bhringaraj oil’s cooling properties are said to ease headaches.

This dense, fragrant oil is a shining star in our brand new Golden Herbal Collection.

As a key ingredient in the Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment and Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner, Bhringaraj oil works to reduce breakage, reverse damage, and aid in length retention.

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