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A Protective Style Wash Day Routine




Another post in our hairstylist series is showing you how to care your natural hair for a protective style. Regardless if you install a protective style using synthetic hair or you style your natural hair into a long term style, this routine can be done. It is simple and easy as you will only need 5 Tailored Beauty Products.

Let's take you through the routine:

1] Cleanse with Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Shampoo

The first step is to cleanse your scalp and hair.
For protective styles, you usually keep them in for 2 weeks or more. So you want to ensure that you're starting on clean hair. It allows your hair to be better able to absorb and retain moisture. In addition, it makes it easier to style to reduce frizz and breakage.

Our Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Shampoo is sulfate free so it will leave your scalp and hair squeaky clean without it feeling dry. Once you apply ensure to massage it into your scalp to lift the product, excess oils and dirt that is sitting on your scalp.


2] Condition with the Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Conditioner with Mango Butter

Next, we follow up with our conditioner. 
Conditioners allow your hair to replenished with moisture that was removed from the shampoo. As well as, it provides your hair with the nutrients needed to sustain for the upcoming week of styling. 

Our Tailored Beauty Coconut Crème Conditioner is rich in butters, creams and alcohols that your curls will love. The conditioner is able to revive the life into your curls. It will soften the hair so it's easier to style for your protective style. As well as, strengthen the hair shaft to improve the length retention and elasticity of your hair.  

3] Style with Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Cream

Our in-house hairstyle choose a cornrow rope twists hair do on our model with our Tailored Beauty Curl Antidote Cream. The cream is specially formulated with ayurvedic herbs to nourish each and every hair strand. Also, it provides a light hold for the twist out. And it also works for other textured styles such as twist outs, braid outs, and even perm rod sets. 

Apply a light amount to your hair then work it in from tips to root. Ensure that the product spreads evenly using the praying hands method or your Denman brush. Then, watch it work it's magic once you start styling.

4] Moisturize with Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist

After styling, spritz your hair with the Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist. The mist will add more hydration to your curls without weighing down your curls. The mist contains humectants which are perfect if you plan to wear your hair out. The humectants will withdraw moisture from the hair to replenish your natural hair throughout the week. So it will keep it moisturized and frizz-free throughout the life of your hairstyle. 


5] Seal with the Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil

The final step is to seal the twists using our Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil. This lightweight oil is perfect for you to apply to your twists and/or braids without weighing it down. In addition, the oil will hold unto the moisture added from step 4 so that your protective style lasts longer.


Our hairstylist series was created to show you how to solve your natural hair issues using our Tailored Beauty Products haircare line. We have created these products with you in mind of achieving the ultimate goal of having healthy natural air that you can maintain, care and style yourself.

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