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4 Popular Naturals Hair Tips that are harming your hair


We all have seen the viral tips and trends within the natural hair community online. Whether it is for growth, length retention, or influencers promoting the latest products for us to try. We all get entertained from watching and learning about these, but we shouldn't be following them all. Some of these tips are harmful to the health of our your hair:

Here are 5 Popular Natural Hair Tips that are harming your hair:


1] Letting your deep conditioner sit overnight:
Deep conditioners are formulated with specific ingredients to penetrate your hair within a specified time period. Depending on the brand, they will recommend the  deep conditioner sit for 5, 10, or 20 minutes. This is because the products have been tested to repair, moisturized, soften and smooth your hair within the allotted time.

No deep conditioner on the market recommends letting the product sit in your hair for 24 hours. Your hair is a vulnerable state once it is wet so they wouldn't recommend letting your hair stay wet overnight. We repeat do not let your deep conditioner sit in your hair overnight. 

With our Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment, you should distribute section by section from tips to root then let it sit for 15 minutes with a plastic cap and rinse thereafter.

2] Taking supplements in lieu of eating healthy

Supplements work well once you are eating a balanced diet consistently. If you are eating junk all the time, the supplements will not work. And if they do, once you stop taking them the health of your hair will slowly fall. Therefore, it is best to consume the supplements along with a healthy diet. 

The vitamins and minerals in the supplements will act as the excess nutrients in the body. The nutrients from the balanced diet will be absorbed into key organs of your boy such as heart, liver, lungs, etc. The excess nutrients from the supplements will be absorbed into the areas of your body where it usually goes lasts such as skin, nails and HAIR. 

Remember, supplements work well when they are consumed with a healthy diet. 

3] Using heat consistently in your regimen

We all love to experiment with a sleek or slick back heat style. These styles are perfect for date nights, formal events, or even going to work. You should be mindful when doing these styles on a consistent basis. Do not apply heat yo your hair to your hair daily for a week. Try to let your heat style stretch for a couple of days before you decide to apply heat to it again. And more importantly, ensure to use a heat protectant prior to styling.

Heat breaks down the protective layer along the hair strand which are made of protein. Applying it once may not cause major damage to your hair. However, if you apply heat to your hair 7 times for the week then the strands will be irreparably damaged. 

4] Purchasing all the 'NEW' products on Tiktok
We all love to watch product reviews on the latest product from a brand. Whether it is the newest hair growth oil, styler and/or deep conditioner, we want to try it all on our hair. However, our hair does not like the use of different products on it consistently especially fi they are not from the same brand. Our hair needs to get use to a product line which takes a couple of weeks as well as months.

So the product that you may have bought last week doesn't work because you're trying to many different products in your hair. This week you will use a shampoo from x brand and another week you will use a shampoo from y brand. How will you be able to determine which product actually works if you only use them once?

We're not sayign to not try new products however ensure that you are using the product consistently in your regimen and it is from the same brand.

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