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5 Ingredients That Penetrate Into Your Natural Hair Easily

There are key ingredients that our natural hair thrives on. Once it absorbs a little bit of, you can see the transformation in the health of our curls almost immediately. All of these ingredients are in most if not all of our Tailored Beauty ingredients. As well as, they are organic so they will nourish your curls from the inside out.

Here are 5 ingredients that penetrate into your natural hair easy :-



Our hair loves h20n whether it is warm or cold. Both different temperatures serve a purpose in our curly hair routine. Usually we see our 'real' length once water is applied to our curls.

Once applied, the water immediately penetrates into your hair. It will start to stretch (or swell) to your neck, shoulders or even your back! Also, applying water first makes it easier for your hair to absorb other products whether it's a moisturizer filed with oils and butters

Recommended Product: Tailored Beauty Moisturizing Mist




Bhringaraj is an ayurvedic herb called the 'king' of herbs. It's contains antibacterial properties that will nourish your scalp. SO you can expect healthier, stronger, fuller and moisturized new growth emerging from the scalp. In addition, it reduces the possibility of premature graying. As well as, it thickens the hair shaft so it is stronger, shinier and silkier.

Recommended Product: Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Leave-In Conditioner Treatment





Fenugreek powder is another ayurvedic herb that aids in healthy hair. Similar to Bhringraj it is filled with antibacterial properties that your scalp will love. It will promote healthy and faster hair growth so you're able to meet your hair goals. In addition, fenugreek aid sin repairing your hair strand by filling the gaps along the hair shaft similar to a protein treatment. Therefore, allowing your hair to be stronger to withstand any damage. And more importantly, it make your curls shinier!

Recommended Product: Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment




Horsetail extract aids in healing your scalp issues such as itchy scalp, dry scalp or a flaky scalp. In addition, it contains silica which will encourage faster, thicker and healthier hair growth. It strengthens and improves the elasticity of the hair fiber. So you're hair will be stronger and able to bounce back quickly if damaged. 

Recommended Product:
Tailored Beauty Perfect Coils Curling Jelly

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