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5 Habits to avoid when growing your natural hair

If you truly want to experience growth, you have to avoid doing certain steps in your natural hair regimen. There are certain steps that will make or break your hair, especially if you want your hair to growth. Yes, you're hair grows on a daily basis however you can do these steps to set it up a notch.

Here are 5 Habits to Avoid when growing your natural hair:

1. Wearing tight hairstyles
Avoid tight hairstyles such as buns and ponytails altogether. Tight hairstyles will pull on the hair strands that are growing from your scalp. The consistent pulling on it can cause the hair follicles to be weakened. As well as, causing the hair to fall out of the follicles. Once the follicles become damaged, it does a long while for it to be repaired for growth to happen again.

2. Not moisturizing your hair
Our hair needs as much moisture as possible during it's growth stage. As our hair growth emerges from the scalp, it needs to be moisturized. It's no longer being moisturized form the sebum on our scalp as it gets stuck in the curly corners of our hair.

You should be moisturizing your hair using the LOC/LCO Method.
This method ensures that your curls are hydrated and the hydration is sealed/locked in. Therefore, your hair will be able to retain as much of the moisture as possible.

With the LOC Method, you would use 3 products - Liquid, Oil and Cream.
The oils and creams act as sealant for the liquid to keep the curls moisturized and shiny. You can use our Tailored Beauty LOC Package.

3. Not sleeping with a satin cap
Since we worked really hard to moisture and seal our hair in step number 2, we need to be sleeping with a satin cap every night to protect our hair. The cap prevents moisture from leaving our hair strands and scalp. once the moisture is gone, your hair becomes prone to breakage, knots and tangles. Therefore, you will lose your length  that you have been working so hard to grow.

Be careful when you are purchasing satin caps as they are some being disguised as a satin cap when it actually made of silk and/or polyester. The texture is thick and silky rather than soft and silky. As well as, it will not cost less than $5 USD.

4. Not massaging your scalp with oil
You should be massaging your scalp on a daily basis with the Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil.

The massaging technique promotes blood circulation to the scalp. The scalp will absorb as much nutrients as possible to nourish the hair follicles. This will encourage faster, thicker, shinier and even more healthier hair growth. 

Also, the tailored beauty grow thick oil is formulated with 6 organic oils that are rich in vitamins and minerals. All of the oils work together to provide the scalp with exactly what ti needs to heal your follicles. It will soothe and inflamed scalp, repair any damaged follicles, and provide the nourishment your hair loves. 

With the massaging motion, your scalp will absorb the nutrients from the oil to grow your hair even faster. 

5. Not having a consistent regimen

Last but not least is to be consistent with your natural hair regimen .
Ensure that you are doing your wash day routine on a weekly basis which consists of cleansing, deep conditioning and moisturizing your natural hair.  As well as, misting your hair to keep it hydrated during the week. And, massaging your scalp with an oil on a daily basis.

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