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4 Tips for Growing Healthy Natural Hair

When it comes to having natural hair, we all know that one important aspect is to ensure that your tresses are healthy. However growing healthy hair may not happen overnight depending on its current condition. From shampoo and conditioner to essential oils and more, what you put on your hair and in your body has a significant impact on its growth. Here are 4 tips that will help you become hair goals, by naturally growing and strengthening your hair.

1) Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
As kinkier hair is more susceptible to dryness, it’s extremely necessary to keep your hair moisturized.  Dry hair is more brittle, breaks off easily and will prevent you from retaining length. When natural hair is moisturized it has an elasticity which deters breakage and encourages healthy hair growth. It's important to practice a hair regimen that emphasizes moisture. For instance, drinking water daily, using a conditioner that replenishes moisture, and incorporating natural ingredients like oils. The LOC Package is one of our favorite natural hair care kits and is a great all-in-one option, specifically for kinky textured hair.

Also, wearing a silk headscarf or sleeping on a silk pillowcase preserves moisture and guards your hair against split ends.


2) Incorporate Protective Hairstyles
The best and most convenient technique for nurturing healthy ends is to use protective hairstyles. Braids, Bantu knots, and twists are just a few, but there is an abundance of styles for all hair lengths and textures. Keep in mind to not place too much tension on your edges. To get started, check out our article, Top 5 hairstyles for length retention. When protective styling be sure to always remember to care for your hair underneath to avoid any damage.

3) Know What’s in Your Hair Products
While some are conscious of what they eat, being informed about the ingredients that you use on your hair and scalp is also key. Removing products that contain harsh chemicals adds longevity to your hair. Hair coloring and dyes, and products that include sulfate and alcohol may cause long-term damage that deters growth. At Tailored Beauty we place a strong focus on formulating our products with quality ingredients and created a go to healthy hair care regimen for your hair.  

4) Let Your Hair Flourish
While daily moisture and massages are essential for natural hair, remember to also give your hair time to breathe. That means limit the use of heat, extensions, or excessive styling in your regimen. Challenge yourself not to manipulate your hair for a week, just moisturize and go! Then share your stories with us, we'd love to see pictures and hear how you feel!

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