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4 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing


We've all started a new year with the goal of growing our natural hair to waist or tailbone length. However, there have been times we have not come close to achieving the goal. We've had tried all the tips in the book but it's still not working. There can be a variety of reasons why your natural hair may not be growing, but here are four common causes to consider:


1/ Not taking vitamins
What you put into your body can also affect the health and growth of your hair. Insufficient intake of certain nutrients, such as protein, iron, and vitamins A and E, can lead to slow hair growth. Sometimes our 'well-balanced' diet doesn't contain all of the nutrients needed for our hair to get the maximum benefit. In addition, our skin, nails and hair is the last areas of our body to receive nutrients from the foods we consume.

So we can supplement our diet by taking hair vitamins.
The Tailored Beauty Hair Vitamins are formulated with premium ingredients to stimulate hair growth and jumpstart your healthy haircare regimen. It contains a herbal blend of Fenugreek seed, Rosemary, Sage, Horsetail and Aloe Vera. Also, our vitamins are plant-based so it's perfect for vegan and vegetarians. 

You should take 2 tablets per day preferably with a meal for 30 days. 

2/ Not using products from the same line
We have been guilty of using a moisturizer from a different line to be paired with a styler from another line. It may be a perfect pair as it doesn't cause flakes however, your hair is not benefiting from this/ Products from the same line are formulated and tested to work together. Therefore, your hair will get the best results needed to maintain the length and health of your curls.

Our Tailored Beauty Hair Growth Kit is perfect for your hair growth needs. The kit contains our: 
-Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil
-Tailored Beauty Plant Based Hair vitamins (30 day supply)
- Tailored Beauty Moisture Penetrating Deep Conditioner Treatment
-Tailored Beauty Clay Detox Shampoo Bar

3/ Lack of moisture.
One of the most common reasons for slow hair growth is a lack of moisture. Natural hair is particularly susceptible to dryness, which can cause breakage and make it difficult for your hair to retain length. You should be using oils and butters in our natural hair care regimen regularly. You don't have to go overboard with the moisture as it can cause the curls to become limp. The best way to moisturize is by using the LOC Method. As well as regularly deep conditioning your hair on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Both techniques will allow your curls to absorb as much hydration as possible needed to nourish your hair. Therefore, you're able to retain your hair length.

4/ Poor hair care practices.
Last but not least is poor hair care practices. You should be gentle when handling your curls. No need to over-manipulate your hair as this can cause damage to your hair and lead to slow growth. As well as, avoid or minimize the use of heat tools if you're on a growth journey. Your hair will be better able to stay strong and healthy while you're on this growth journey. Also be gentle when styling and combing your hair, and try to avoid tugging or pulling on your curls.

It is worth noting that hair growth is a slow process, and it can take months, even years, to see significant growth in your hair. However, by addressing the common causes of slow hair growth and consistently implementing good hair care practices, you can help to promote the health and length of your natural hair.

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