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Natural Hair Product You Should Ditch and Keep in 2022




New Year, New Hair! In 2022, we are looking to actually achieve our hair goals.
How we're going to do it is by ditching those products that aren't good for our hair. And, keeping the products will help us to nourish our Hair. So here's what you need to …..




1. Moisturizer's made with Silicones - Silicones are bad for your natural ahir as it gives a false representation that our hair is healthy. It leaves a film on the hair that will always make our hair look shiny for a couple of days. Then, 2 days later our hair gets dry and is in a very tangled state.

2. Vitamins that don't work - Have you been taking your vitamins for a couple of months and notice no difference in the health of your hair? If you have, you should ditch them. It makes no sense taking daily vitamins for hair health that aren't doing anything for the health of your hair.

3. Stylers with leave your hair crunch and dry - We all love a bomb wash and go or twist out. However, we hate the crunchy feeling that we get after using gel. Don't forget to mention the flakes and dryness we experience. You should be jels with organic ingredients that give you the hold, definition and shine that your hair deserve.

4. Growth Oils that don't do anything - Ladies, do not buy those growth oils with a million oils that you have never heard about or are bad for your hair. We don't need mineral oil in our growth oil, do we? These oils will clog the pores along the scalp which can cause inflammation, flakes and an itchy scalp.





1. Tailored Beauty Everything Butter - Our Tailored Beauty Everything Butter is one of our best sellers. Why? It’s a multi-use product that you can use for everything whether it is your hair or skin. It can be used as the C in the LOC Method. As well as a moisturizer for our skin to maintain the moisture strength and sheen of our skin tone. The butter is made with 5 ingredients that are 100% organic. It is handmade with love from the Tailored Beauty team. As the girls say 10/10 would recommend.



2. Tailored Beauty Hair Vitamins - Next is hair vitamins. If you want to start the new year fresh, then you can get hair vitamins. Not just any hair vitamins, but plant-based hair vitamins from Tailored Beauty. All these ayurvedic ingredients are exactly what our hair needs. They will penetrate the hair to prevent moisture loss, prevent breakage, split ends, frizz and so much more. These supplements will last you a month as you take two daily.



3. Tailored Beauty Flexible Curl Potion Mousse - Next is the foaming mousse A lot of naturals stray away from foaming mousse because they aren’t sure of its purpose of it. A mousse is a styler, so it provides the hold that you need. In addition, its kay forms better hold than we're used to with our cream and gel stylers. We all love textured styles such as perm rods, twists, or braids outs. With our Tailored Beauty Foam Mousse, tour coils will receive the hold firmly while being nourished simultaneously.


 4. Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil - We are looking to grow our curls a little longer this year. To achieve your hair goals faster you can use the Tailored Beauty Grow Thick Oil. It is made with 10 different growth and strengthening oils that will get the job done. It is a lightweight oil with a penetrating nozzle so you can apply it directly to the scalp without burdening it. Then, you can massage the scalp without it feeling oily or greasy. Once absorbed, ensure to oil, and massage your scalp continuously. And, in no time you will see faster hair growth than your used to.



The goal is to get healthy hair by the end of 2022!





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